17 March 2010

QCon London 2010 - Themes and Trends

Last week I had the good fortune to attend QCon London which bills itself as an "enterprise software development conference".

I thought the conference struck a good balance between maybe 40% academic/futures/ideas from the ivory towers versus 60% practical, grunty software development from the trenches.  That of course varied by what sessions you attended as there were various tracks and tutorials available.

QCon was fairly software development centric.  Although there were tracks on technical operations and QA, both felt more like "what software development thinks how techops and QA should work" versus hardcore QA and techops experts running the tracks and presenting.

Although billed as "enterprise" software development, QCon was new media centric.  Less about enterprise and more about entrepreneurship using (recently) new tools and techniques to deliver and manage software.  I found this quite suitable for igaming that is still more entrepreneur land than it is enterprise.

The following are themes and trends that were in the air at Qcon that captured my interest.  Some will be old and familiar (yet receiving continued attention), others are relatively emergent in the last year or so.  Each item may eventually lead to a blog entry with detailed commentary on the subject and as relevant a view on how they apply to internet gambling systems.
  • Cloud Computing
  • NoSQL versus Relational Databases
  • RESTful architecture
  • Functional programming languages
  • Post Scrum
  • Mobile Computing
  • Event based architectures, asynchronous messaging
  • DevOps, particularly Continuous Deployment
  • Miscellaneous topics

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