21 February 2010

Internet Gambling Jobs in Gibraltar

Gibraltar has plenty of on-line gambling companies and there is almost always some form of related recruitment going on.

Whether you want to make a fresh start in Southern Spain or just got made redundant, the following are some good starting points if you're interested in working in Gib.  While I've got an IT bias, none of the companies below specialize only in IT.

(Please note I'm not affiliated with any of the companies listed below although I've talked with all of them over the years.)

Gibraltar Local Recruiters

Quad has been in Gibraltar for a long time now (at least in dog years), lists Gibraltar online gambling jobs, and has plenty of information about Gib and Spain on their site.

Ambient has been around for a fair amount of time as well.  They are not Gibraltar based, but close enough (up the Costa).

SRG has just opened up their office next door in Europort in Gib.  Their website covers some basics about Gib like living in Gib/Spain and local Income Tax.

Other Recruiters Operating into Gibraltar

There are plenty of other recruiting companies outside of Gib (typically UK) that operate into Gib.  They come and go, and the recruiters themselves change over time.

There are also a variety of headhunters that typically work other sectors that come and go.

There are two companies that have been around for a long time that have done plenty of work for Gib based companies:  BettingJobs.com and Pentasia.  Both of these companies place world-wide but you can find Gibraltar jobs on their sites as well.

Other Job Sources for Gibraltar

It's traditional (but not cheap!) to post jobs in The Gibraltar Chronicle newspaper on Fridays.  Yes, this is an actual paper newspaper, just like the ones Grandpa used to read.  They don't cross-post jobs to their website.

I keep an eye on jobserve using category IT and keyword "Gibraltar" to create an RSS feed to see what my IT colleagues around Gib are up to.

The GRA (Gibraltar Regulatory Authority) thoughtfully provides a summary page of all "remote gambling" operators with Gib licenses.


I've not personally worked with the following, but they at least had a few listings or Gib or along the Costa.  YMMV.

gibraltarportal.com lists a few local jobs.

The surinenglish.com delegates their recruitment to myservicesdirectory.com, it's very Spain oriented, not too much interesting on the Gib and IT side.

I'm not familiar with Andalucia Technology Recruitment.  I've not seen anything for Gib on their site, but they do have a few IT roles along the Costa.

Bits and Pieces

There is an Excel sheet you can download from the Gib government site to calculate your potential income tax.  With the same salary, you'll typically be better off in Gib than most other European countries.

Other starting points

EGR has published a short list of nominees for their 2010 igaming awards, it's also a good source of companies to look at, although certainly not limited to just Gibraltar.

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  1. A few comments about what's new if you're looking for work in Gibraltar.

    Recruitment agencies with local roles:
    - http://www.pentasia.com/ (biggest iGaming recruitment company globally)
    - http://www.bettingjobs.com/
    - http://www.recruitgibraltar.com/
    - http://www.eyespyrecruitment.com/
    - http://www.quadconsultancy.com/
    - http://www.esandarecruitment.com/
    - http://www.srgeurope.com/

    (Ambient no longer has many roles, none in Gib, so they might be defunct now?)

    Companies with a license to operate in Gibraltar (as of September 2013): https://www.gibraltar.gov.gi/remotegambling


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