16 January 2006

blogspot versus wordpress - a mini review

I am debating a switch of my (not so old) blog from wordpress to blogspot/blogger. The main reason is that after playing a bit with each, I feel I have more control over content and layout with blogspot.

I've only briefly examined and used both, so my debate thus far isn't highly considered or scientific. Summarizing my experience thus far:

- Use wordpress.com if you are not a power user and will happily sacrifice flexibility for simplicity. There are simple tools to change all the aspects of the page.

- Use blogspot.com / blogger.com if you are more of a power user. The tools provide greater flexibility but of course are less simple (e.g., can directly edit HTML to change your list of links).

A few other things I like about blogspot that weren't immediately obvious in wordpress:

- blogspot also gives me a simple interface to google adsense, which I wanted to play with

- I can email in blog posts and they automatically publish

A few things I don't like so far about blogspot/blogger:

- blogspot/blogger is that it is sometimes painfully slow compared to wordpress

- I would appreciate tools to manage stanard plugins like lists of links rather than having to directly edit HTML

- You have to manually publish a new blog entry rather than having it automatically publish like new entries in wordpress

I've not made up my mind yet, so I'll double-post here and there until I settle on one of the two.

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